Headlice appear at times in every school.

When a child is found to have headlice in school we do ask that the parents treat them immediately, simply because Head Lice are very easily and quickly passes from one child to another.

Once your child’s head has been treated he/she may return to school without delay. We all aways do our best to inform parents of any known cases of Headlice in the school. But we do ask all parents to please be vigilant and check their children’s hair regularly.

Instructions to Assist Parents in Controlling Headlice

Treat all members of the family that are or could be infested with headlice.

Soak combs and brushes in hot water (at least 150 F) and lice shampoo for 1 hour.

Comb hair of each person carefully with a fine tooth comb or use tweezers or fingernails to remove all nits for the hair strands.

Wash and dry all bed linens of infested persons on hot settings.

Put all non-washable bedding such has pillows in the dryer on hot settings for 30 minutes. You can also hang non-washable bedding stuffed animals etc. in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours or seal them in a plastic bag for 14 days.

Vacuum all mattresses and run a hot iron over them especially around any buttons.

Carefully vacuum all upholstered furniture, carpets, throw pillows and car seats.

Wash all clothes infested persons have come in contact with in the past 4-5 days.

Non-washable clothing can be treated the same as non-washable bedding.

Notify all persons that have recently been in contact with infested persons.

Check for nits daily at least for 2 weeks.