Our Vision

Collingbourne C of E Primary Vision Statement

We want our school to be the place that everyone wants to come to. A school that is kind and caring. Our school will help us be the best people we can be…. and it’s brilliant fun too!


Our Vision is that Collingbourne Church of England Primary school:


  • Forges links with the local community and draws upon its members, resources and experiences to enrich the school


  • Is recognised for outstanding educational performance


  • Inspires pride among pupils, teaching staff and parents by striving for high standards which are reflected in the respect shown for both the property and people within the school


  • Supports the development of productive and lasting relationships with Parents


  • Is focused on the wellbeing of both pupils and teaching staff


  • Provides a rounded educational experience that prepares pupils for becoming a responsible, active member of society


  • Is run and governed to ensure the stability and long term viability of the school


To achieve our Vision everything we do at Collingbourne School is driven by our core Christian Values. These are:

Kindness   Friendship   Wisdom   Courage & Perseverance   Respect   Peace

Each Christian Value is represented by a gem. So, for example, if a child displays ‘Kindness’ then they will be rewarded with a ‘Royal Blue’ gem. This can be placed on the Worship table and then celebrated at the next Collective Worship.