Aims and objectives

The table below helps explain the difference between ‘essential’ home learning and optional ‘deeper learning tasks’ that should provide some fun, topic-related and purposeful tasks that can also be done as a family.

Class Essential Home Learning
Foxes Year R- Read/Share books daily and share phonics cards together. Year 1- Read/Share books daily and practise spellings 3 times a week. Year 1s to practice Numbots 3 times a week.
Hedgehogs Read/Share books daily. Practise spellings 3 times a week. Practise your Numbots.
Otters Read with your child at least 4 times per week (this can be a mix of listening to them read, asking questions/talking about the book and reading a story to them). Practise spellings daily. Practise Times Table Rock Stars (or Numbots at the start of Year 3) for at least 3 minutes per day.
Kingfishers Read with your child at least 4 times a week. Practise spellings daily. Practise your Times Tables Rockstars target. Complete given tasks for SPAG and maths.