Art Club

After school Art Club is run by Laura Renwick during Tuesday afternoons.

Open to children from year 1 – year 6
(year r pupils may be accepted from their second term at parents discretion)

Throughout each term the children will explore a range of techniques creating projects from drawing and painting to sculpture and paper craft.

Why is art so beneficial?
Art and creativity is so beneficial to children and their development. It can be utilised to translate feelings or experiences into visual topics which otherwise may be hard to vocalise, Therefore giving them a safe haven to be open and be themselves, letting out any built up feelings or worries.

Art also serves as a platform for them to discover their own likes, dislikes and talents, allowing them to build on their personalities and skills as they grow. Art club offers them the opportunity to expand their speech and social skills, interacting and engaging with their peers in a positive manner, boosting their confidence as well as improving fine motor skills and the ability to portray the world around them. Also inclusive of much needed sensory exploration. Art club is more than just learning to draw and paint, but an opportunity for them to enhance their physical and psychological skills while building confidence and enjoying a topic they feel interested in.

All materials are provided for each session, with the rare exception that the children may be asked to bring something specific for a certain project.

At the end of the year an Art Exhibition will be held displaying some of the work produced by pupils in the After School Club.