PE & Sport

PE & Sports Grant information from the DfE

Primary School Sport Funding 2017-2018

Collingbourne Primary School has been allocated £13,898

Sports Premium Funding Statement 2017-2018

The planned use of the sports’ funding at Collingbourne Primary School is being used to promote increased health and physical activity across the school. The school works on the belief that if children are more healthy and active, then they are fitter and more alert. Healthy, active, fitter and more alert children will have higher attendance and will have greater engagement in lessons resulting in higher achievement.

We also believe that children who enjoy and achieve success in P.E. at Primary School will continue to participate in sport and progress at Secondary School and into adulthood and therefore the benefits will be longer lasting.

Collingbourne Primary School is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Bronze School Games Award

Sporting Events 2017-2018

Tag Rugby Festival

Congratulation to our year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Team: Alfie, Sarah, Olivia, Max, Joe, Connor, Aaron, Addie, Toby & Keely who took part in the Interschool’s Tag Rugby Festival held at Pewsey Vale School on Friday 23rd March.

The team work shown was a pleasure to watch and Mr Crossmans coaching really paid off. The team came 6th out of the 9 teams taking part.

Player of the Festival goes to Connor.


Hockey Festival

Congratulations to our year 5 & 6 Hockey Team: Joe, Alfie, Toby, Keely, Sarah, Katie, Addie & Tylan who took part in the Interschool’s Hockey Festival held at the Wellington Academy on Wednesday 7th February.

Every member of the team really played their heart out and their teamwork and sportsmanship was a pleasure to watch.

The team came second in their group narrowly missing out on a place in the semi-finials.

Player of the Festival goes jointly to Joe and Katie

Netball Festival

Congratulations to our Netball team, Alfie, Connor, Tylan, Joe, Claudia, Sarah, Lily and Addie who took part in the interschool’s Netball Festival held at The Wellington Academy on Wednesday 22nd November 2017. 

The team came 7th Overall and the player of the festival goes to Tylan.

Football Festival

Congratulations to our mixed year 3 & 4 Football Team, Zhion, Joshua B, Carys, Dominic, Tevez, Leo, Darcie, Eleanor & Tom who took part in the Interschool’s Football Festival held at Avon Valley College on Thursday 12th October 2017.

The whole team played amazingly and came 3rd overall in their group. Player of the festival goes to Zhion who showed fantastic sportsmanship on and off the pitch as well as scoring a winning hat-trick.